Hubun Jewelry (Arabic for Love) strives to offer one of a kind, unique jewelry inspired by the Arabic language and culture. Furthermore, Hubun has managed to be the first to introduce a new item at an affordable price in the world, time and time again. Hubun is sold as a subscription and releases 12x a year (plus some surprises in between).

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Living Persia is a pre-1979 inspired shop for accessories and jewelry. Furthermore, it strives to offer unique and rare items for your home. It is only targeted at Persian expats and not available publicly. This, to maintain an exclusivity and to be sure you purchase a one of a kind item.

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Totrico is streetwear with a distinctive look, going back to the roots of T-shirt history. A collection is expected to be dropped in July 2018. You can follow Totrico by Shirley Miller on Instagram

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