Let’s celebrate /r/islam visitor!

I just sold my very first Ramadan surf-style T-shirt! It’s just one, but to me, it feels like a million! So, for the next 49 sales, I will give you a free gift. I also added more products and regions!

A while ago I started promoting my Ramadan surf-style T-shirt, here on r/islam.

my promotion letter can be viewed here

After another long day/night, I woke up this morning and to my surprise, I actually sold a Ramadan surf-style T-shirt! Somewhere out there, in this case, UK, someone appreciates my design & style! It’s just one, but for me, it feels like a million! Hours and hours of work, gaining insight, thinking, adjusting, reading, learning and keep pushing myself to excel has finally paid off. Thank you!

Selling my very first of Ramadan surf-style T-shirt means the world to me, and I want to celebrate it with this truly amazing subreddit r/islam. So, here it goes: The next 49 sales will receive a FREE GIFT from me. You can choose between a ring for men or a bracelet for women. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! Both items are Islamic/Arabic themed.

ABOUT THE T-SHIRT I choose very specifically the forest green because it matches the green Islam is known for. It’s a great match with the vintage ’70 surf style lettering. The combination creates a unique melting pot of East and West. My recommendation is the original design. BUT! yes, there’s always a but. It’s not about me, it’s about you! So, I expanded the product list with more sizes, colors, and products!

Check the comments below for full product listing can be viewed here

HOW TO GET YOUR GIFT Order any product, anywhere you like and I will send you a message asking for your choice of gift and mailing address. You can shop in any region you wish, use your own currency and (hopefully) fast delivery.

all regions can be viewed here or check the comments below.

Be patient as I process your gift. I’m just a one-man operation.




Michael B. Asbury

PS. List of suppliers are here

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