.GALLERY Domain Name Deal Comparison

.GALLERY domain name has a prime keyword (important for SEO) in the URL. Galleries are great platforms for sharing your best photographs with family, friends, or potential clients.

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Domain Privacy
Domain Forwarding
Email Forwarding
Renew $1.40/mo
Located in USA
Domain Privacy
Domain Forwarding
Google Apps
Renew $1.65/mo
Located in The Cayman Islands
Domain Privacy $8.00
Domain Forwarding
Email Forwarding
Renew $3.10/mo
Located in USA


RegistrarPrice/YearDomain PrivacyTotal
Google Domains$22.00$0.00$22.00
Domain Discount 24$26.50$3.50$29.50


What is a domain name?
A domain name is a name given to a website such as www.yahoo.com. A domain name is much like knowing "Bob’s" house instead of his exact street address. Domain names give an easy way to get to a website instead of a technical numerical IP address.
What is a TLD?
Top-level domains or TLD are found on the last part of your website’s domain name. For example, bestweddinggowns.biz - .biz is your TLD, and in this case, emphasizes that your business or company has an authentic and legitimate business registration.
What Type of TLD's does exist?
Generic top-level domains (gTLD) are the regular domains commonly used all over the web such as .com, .net, etc.CCTLD
Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) are composed of two-letter domains for specific countries, location, or territories such as .au, .uk, .ph, .us, and more.

Are the new domains for the intended use, such as .photography, .studio, .pictures, .gallery and others.

What's the benefit of Vanity domains?
The classic domains such as .com are increasingly harder to come by.

Classical extensions are .com, .net, and .org have been in existence for a very long time. Thus it's harder to get a free one. The prices have also risen because of this shortage. Often labeled as "premium" by registrars paying high first-year registrations starting at $750.

Country extensions are country-specific, such as .us, .uk, .aus, and .de. Some extensions are only offered at registrars in country of origin.

While a classic .com domain is cheap to acquire but is yours is still available? With a bit of bad luck, a registrar will consider it "premium" and will charge you for it.

Your marketing becomes much easier with a vanity domain. Compare the old with the new: SarahMayton.com vs. SarahMayton.photography

This type of domains allows for branding and informing your clients at the same time. With a .com it was far harder because you would have to explain what your .com is about.